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MELT is back in development. This is a one women team and I'm going through a rough patch mental health wise but aiming to release sometime 2019.

What is the new Melt story?

After Miguel "ran away" from home he spent time traveling across the country in hopes of taking a break from his chaotic family life and finding a bit of himself along the way. After years of postcard exchanges between him and the best friends (Isaac, Caden, and David) he left behind he felt is was time to head back home. Back to the home that really mattered the most.

Will the warmth of love melt any wounded heart?

This game will be safe for work and very fluff.

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MELT Demo Description:

After years of little to no contact with family and friends Miguel grows tired of just settling with "fine" and making no progress. He leaves the city behind and moves back home in hopes of reconciling with family and friends he left behind.

It probably time to do something about that crush too.

[Demo made for Yaoi Game Jam 2018]




MELTdemo-1.0-mac.zip 25 MB
MELTdemo-1.0-pc.zip 42 MB

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Hello Rey,

Just wanted to stop by and say that I tried the demo and was wow'ed particularly by the range/depth of the characters. They all felt like very real people. And not just through the dialogue but in the way you write their movements and mannerisms. David in particular, felt like someone I used to know. ..

Thanks you so much for playing! I'm glad I was able to write the characters in a way that left a lasting impression (it's one of the few things I felt a little confident in while working on the demo) It means so sooooo much to me thank you!!

Np! I was really impressed. Especially if this is your 1st VN. (which I think you mentioned it was)